River Racer and Bass Packages

From the mild to the wild, Monty Racing, Inc. offers a variety of powerhead modification packages including options designed specifically with the high performance boating enthusiast in mind.

You can choose from either the bass packages or the river racer packages. Although similar, each package has different porting specifications and compression ratios depending on your desired results. Monty Racing offers two bass packages, MOD I and MOD II, and three river racer packages, MOD I, MOD II, and MOD III for those who want it all! All options are offered as either "bare block" or "full dress". Full dress includes tear down and assembly in addition to all gaskets, seals and new piston rings. See our Price List for pricing information on each package.

The MOD I bass and river racer packages were designed for the boater who wants more performance from their motor. Whether you choose the river racer or bass package, Monty Racing will mildly port your powerhead to meet Monty Racing's MOD I specifications based on the package you choose.

The MOD II bass and river racer packages were also designed with the high performance boating enthusiast in mind.  More modified than the MOD I options, the MOD II packages have increased porting specifications and include static balanced pistons and the addition of finger ports to the block and pistons.

Although available as an option to the bass boater, the MOD III, or drag, package was designed for top end performance.  This is the most highly modified package Monty Racing offers. Due to the extreme nature and wide range of options of the MOD III package, the features included in the package are determined by a consultation between you and Gordon "Monty" Montague on a one-to-one basis.

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